Feature your spot in the Travel Series

A spot  featured in the Travel series gets a significant increase in tourism visits from all around the world. The travel series episodes get between 15 000 to 100 000 views per episode.

If you own a kiteboarding centre or an hotel in an original and exotic spot, or if you simply want to share your beautiful home spot that you know can become one of the next kiteboarding top destination, you can contact us and submit your trip proposal to have your destination featured in our next Travel Series !

In addition to the web Travel series, your submitted location will be featured in our television series Ride Along.

Your proposal should include:

  • Photos of the location of the spot and it’s surroundings.
  • (Optional) A video of the spot and it’s surroundings.
  • An email explaining why you think your spot should be featured in the next Travel series.
  • Type of spot: Flat – waves – Both – None – …
  • Description of the region/spot.
  • Other possible activities beside kiteboarding.
  • Send us an email at: info@jeremietronet.com with your proposal.